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the date Sum Address Type of
03/31/2023 12:45:36 PM 0.00017751 BTC 1H7LoymBx21zeZd...h3d8d1msJ Pay
03/28/2023 1:28:45 PM 0.02964000 LTC MTJHNW8g637YMuW...1ajqF61cX Deposit
03/28/2023 1:25:48 PM 1381.85000000 DOGE D7D6Z6W2Kw6peS9...yRZRzMgQ5 Pay
03/28/2023 11:46:25 AM 0.00060100 BTC bc1p9akcpxsx40v...chs0cm2ar Deposit
03/28/2023 10:46:27 AM 0.00020403 BTC bc1qs343uf3ch2x...pn0zyake3 Pay
03/28/2023 2:07:25 AM 0.00066900 BTC bc1qcrpr2v65rt0...74kywtads Deposit
03/28/2023 1:52:40 AM 0.00018415 BTC 334FYzZq7TF7bWu...w5bcMspc9 Pay
03/28/2023 12:23:30 AM 1248.87968000 DOGE DEJ4kTmuVhgbPfY...v384KphRt Deposit
03/28/2023 12:22:34 AM 202.00000000 DOGE DEUGfoG5rQNNx4k...PLtjXMGsJ Pay
03/27/2023 10:42:13 PM 0.00062400 BTC 1CwUASA6WTCKGnc...jDvb2RzG9 Deposit
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The number one platform for coin doubling.

CRYPTO-FUEL - самая прибыльная платформа для удвоения монет. Во время удвоения монет мы пытаемся решить сложные математические задачи. По завершении этого процесса пользователь получает +100% в качестве вознаграждения за участие. Вы можете начать удваивать монеты с CRYPTO-FUEL absolutely simple! Start using the service CRYPTO-FUEL может даже новичок в Интернете. Все, что вам нужно, чтобы начать использовать, - это ввести свой адрес кошелька в соответствующее поле выше, и вы сразу же начнете получать прибыль от нас! Для всех участников нашей платформа мы даем вам +100% за 24 часа - навсегда и абсолютно просто!

  • +100% for 24 hours
  • Automatic payment processing
  • Affiliate program 20%

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Why should you choose us?

24/7 doubling

We are always ready to double our active users their coins. You can earn with us at any time.


We work with all countries of the planet. Anyone who has reached the age of majority can become our partner.


Our platform is maximally protected from hackers. The complete absence of passwords and email addresses guarantees anonymity and transparency to our users.


Our service is supported by a fully automated workflow. All payments and deposits are made instantly!

Fair game

Connecting to the platform is absolutely simple! After making a deposit, we give +100% to every honest user! The withdrawal of coins occurs automatically for everyone!

Convenient referral program

Any user has the opportunity to earn an additional 20% from each investment of your partners without investments.


Frequently asked Questions

Not sure where to start? Begin with F.A.Q!

What does the service do CRYPTO-FUEL unique?

We value transparency very much. AT CRYPTO-FUEL you can track all deposits and payouts of any user in real time at any time.

How to make a profit?

AT CRYPTO-FUEL no contracts required. There are no creditors or debtors. In fact, everything is very simple: one participant asks for help - the other helps. All profits are provided by new investments.

I want to start, how do I do it?

For example, you make a deposit of 1 USD and after 24 hours you receive 2 USD.

Do you charge for your services?

No, we do not charge any fees for our services or the use of the website. CRYPTO-FUEL.

Is it protected CRYPTO-FUEL from hacker attacks and what about security?

Yes, we use robust 400Gbps DDoS protection with a 99.9999% uptime guarantee. Comprehensive level 7 protection. Global CDN acceleration. Global Protected DNS. Web Application Firewall + Certified Domain SSL Certificate to securely connect to our site.

What payment systems do you accept?

We accept: btc, ltc, eth, doge, trx, usdt

When will my deposit appear on the main page CRYPTO-FUEL?

Do not close the deposit page until you complete the deposit. Contact our customer support if your transaction has at least 3 confirmations and is still missing from our platform.

Can I make more than one deposit?

Yes, there are no restrictions. You can create as many deposit addresses as you want by simply entering a different payout address.

It`s time for a payout, when will I receive it?

Payment is fully automated, occurs instantly and usually takes from 1 to 5 minutes, but no more than 24 hours.

What if I deposit more than the maximum or less than the minimum?

Any amount less than $1 will be considered a donation and will not be considered a valid deposit!

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For our partners

We work only with honest users who do not try to deceive the platform with multiple accounts. Earn 20% with our affiliate program!